Robert Flynn
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july 2 1983
grandpa bob knew mama was pregnat with you.. thats the day he went home to heaven to pave the way for the day god was to bring you home to be with him !
bobbo was born to john micheal flynn sr and selma mary vaculla flynn on december 16th, 1983.he weight 10pounds 15 ounces and 24 inches long( half grown ) lol
and kept on grown he never missed a beat!!
bobbo was a boobie baby... when he got to far away from his mommy he would have spells that would make him hold his breath and turn blue and pass out .. one spell he had was so bad dr cone at farrell hospital had to use tha paddles and that didnt work so he turned him upside down and smacked him like you do new borns and bobby started to breath again ! always scaring someboby!!!!
couldnt keep cloths on neither you nor johnny... daddy was on the couch sleepin and by the time boo woke him up yall were runnin up the street and rounding the corner on to main street in westmiddlesex then there was the day you decide to take a nap in the bottom of the china cupboard and nobody could find you and every body even the police and firemen were out lookin for you .. and you woke you and looked out the window tryin to figure out what was goin on !! you didnt go any where you were there the whole time!
what an impatient child you were !!!! mama wasnt gettin what you wanted fast enough and you decided to get it you self it was water or something in the microwave and you burned you hand and arm
you werent always a lover!! you got kicked out of preschool because you wanted to fight every body!!!1
johnnys 14th birthday we had a fire that burned the house .. we spent 4month in the hotel! talk bout you being a lover every good lookin girl who came into the hotel you thought you could get with her!! nothin like johnny though he got stuck in the girls hotel room and mama had to go get him out!
june 1998
we havent been back in the house long and you and boo decided yall wanted french fries well there goes the kitchen you let the grease get to hot and it caught fire, there went the cupboards! You decided to try and put it out with water. $5000 worth of damage over some fries !!
may 29 1999
bobby had to say good-bye to one of his best friend jeremy farrand..
a nother sweet innocent life ended to quickly ..
jeremy also paved the way for you bobbo !!! they all new you were comin before any of us here on earth did!!!  jeremy was also murdered
bobbo got his 1st son Auscar
1996 -2001
bobbo was together with a wonderful woman named missy diefenderfer she was the love of his life and always will be
feb 2001
bobbo became a very proud and loving uncle for the very 1st time! modesty was born today 2-24-01.
2001 and 2002

He loved arm wrestling and he was very good at it.  He took 1st place in the compitition 2 years in a row!

june 2002
bobbo graduated with honors from keystone charter school
july 4 2002
aaron ,bobby ,matt were all arrested for walkin across the viduct in sharon !!! TROUBLE IN 3S
March 2003
Bobby got together with Sari, can't say it was all good but it wasn't all bad either.
july 15 2003
Aaron jr came into bobbos life makin him a happy loving uncle 4 the 2nd time.
April 24 2004
Bobbo became a very proud, dedicated and loyal daddy to Eliauna Elizabeth Flynn.  His first time in a delivery room, if you asked him it wasn't Sari in there it was the Devil.  But when they couldn't get Sari to stop bleeding he wasn't sure who to stand beside.  By the end of the day and the rest of Eliauna's life you couldn't get him to put her down.  For the first three months he held her morning, noon and night.  We all yelled at him but he wouldn't listen, he always was stubbern.   
April 24 2005
Eliauna just started walking and turned a year old. He was so proud of her!
May 2005
Eliauna and Jakeb get there first swimming lessons.
june 4th ,2005
bobbos life was fataly ended at 3 am june 4th,2005 .. bobbo kicked the door in to a house that he knew sari was at when he kicked the door in he had a unloaded 9mm hand gun .. kevin mcewen proceeded to shoot bobby 3 time in th front and 2 times in the bacK) and told the police he shot till he felt safe!! bobby could have been saved after the 1st shot the 1st bullet lodged in his right shoulder ... it was the 2nd bullet that penatrated his heart and left lung that took his life!!
june4th 2005
like the day grandpa bob went to pave the way for you now you have to pave the way for a love one to come home and be with you ! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE
june 8th 2005
we said good bye to the vessel that carried bobbys heart and soul on earth. bobby had a beatiful funeral 180 people signed his book ! he was well love ! people come in from diffrent states to pay there last respects.
AUG 11 2005
july 2 2006
bobby meet his daddy at the golden gold of heaven
AUG 22 06
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