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Still Lost  / Aaron H. (Homie)  Read >>
Still Lost  / Aaron H. (Homie)
" Hey Man,  Im still Out here doin my thing tryin to get over everything.  But it's so crazy,  It's like everything about you just disaperd.  All the things we did and all the places we chilled,  Are no longer there.  I dont even see sarie and the kids,  I Ride by your house sometimes.  Hopein to see you sittin on the pourch cause you hear me comin.  it's still so hard to keep it in my head that your not here.  I talk about you all the time reminisin on all our crazy adventures.  And I have so many stories Cause you've been my bestfriend for like the last 9 years even after our boys came and gone,  You And I stayed tight.  We grew up together like brothers, your moms my mom and mine is yours. I feel like everything i got to say,  you already know cause you know me that well as i do you. And I Got A surprise for you. I Cant speak about it, But it's tight.
        I smoke a blunt for you everyday and im keepin our crew tight,  i see everybody everyday. We all miss you, And I'll Holla Back. I love ya Bro...... Close
bobbo / Mommy   Read >>
bobbo / Mommy
baby it has been 10 days the pain is still like it was today i look at the door but not bobbo.bobbo . ilove and i would do all it would take to see you walk on the door i love you baby Close
A Party!  / Katie Fansler (friend)  Read >>
A Party!  / Katie Fansler (friend)

Well Bobby, guess your going to a birthday party tomorrow, God how I wish I could be there.  I know she will be as beautiful as she was when she was here with us.  Please, Bobby spend the day with her, tell her how much she was loved.  How much her Daddy and Crystal and I miss her.  Let he know she's got a new little cousin, tell her about Kyla.  I know most three year old are beyond the cuddle stage, but your a cuddly kinda of guy, *giggle* so cuddle with her.  Give her butterfly kisses upon her cheek.  Tell her Nana, loves her and her heart longs to hold her once again.
Bobby, I wish I could see Ellie, wish I could just tell her how much she meant to you.  I wish I could watch her grow, as you can Shy.  Funny seems like just yesterday I was making her Birthday cake, even the little smash cake.  LOL, I remember a couple of weeks ago down a Crystal's, thinking gosh she looks just like your carbon copy, smiling and happy.  If someone would of told me you were gonna be with Shy on her birthday I would of never believed it.  As selfish as it may be, I am glad she has you, to tell her about all of us.
Have a great day tomorrow, make it the best birthday party a little girl could want.  If I ever get the chance I will do the same for you. 

                                                                              Butterfly Kisses upon your Cheek,

ps: another day on planet earth, is one more day closer till we'll all be together.

my heart feels your pain  / Felicia Gomez (passerby)  Read >>
my heart feels your pain  / Felicia Gomez (passerby)
to :roberts family...i too lost my son jonathan to son was murdered ..on oct 30, 11.30pm..while i was working...saving lives as a 911 beloved son was dying ..i wish i couldve died for him ..he was only 20 yrs old ...he was shot 3 times n violently beaten to death ...the pain is still raw i do know your pain ..i will never get over it ...but one thing i know for sure son has a new friend in ....bobbo......plz feel free to visit my only child's website u and god bless... Close
1 more day  / Sabrina   Read >>
1 more day  / Sabrina
if i could have taken bobbys place and took the bullets for him i woud have done it gladly ! to give him more time with his friends and family more time with ellie and jakeb if only he had one more day to tell them he loved them. 1 more day for them to see his smile and to make ellie laugh the way she did when her daddy blew on her belly one more day to make jakeb happy and to hear jakeb say thats my bobbo ! yes i would have taken his place with no 2nd thoughts in my mind.. he had so much to live for there are so may 1st of the kids that he is now never gonna see i would have givin my all for bobby to be there for all of ellies 1st! the 1st time she uses the potty, her 1st bike daddys are suppose to teach there little girls how to ride there 1st bike. loosin her 1st tooth . her 1st day of kindergarden he would have cried more than she did watchin her get on the buse to go!! then the 1st time she wanted to wear make up . and her 1st boyfriend bobby would have to threatin and he 1st dance how pretty shes gonna be! then off to college again bobby would cry more than she would have ! then when she gets married again daddy would have to threatin then man!! but he would have been soo happy for her afterwards.. then the day she called to tell bobby he was gonna be a grandpa for the first time the is really the 1st i wanted him to be there for but now he has to watch down on her! his grand baby will have an angel already before she even knows it !! all the 1st bobbys gonna miss i would have takin his place for him to have all of those back! to watch ellie and jakeb grown up thats all he wanted do in life he wanted to be the best daddy any one could ever be to those babys now that chance is gone !! so again yes i would have liked to give bobby atleast 1 more day with every body he loved so dearly and he held so close to his heart! now we have to have faith that his death was not in vain something good will come out of it! we dont know what yet but something will we all just have to remember we have to keep bobbys heart,soul and memory alive for ellie and jakebs sake !
"vengence is mine sayith the lord"
bobby i love you my sweet baby brother and if the day would have come you asked me to take you place i would have gladly with no 2nd thought about it !!!
I LOVE YOU !!! Close
To the family  / Dawn Sutton (Friend)  Read >>
To the family  / Dawn Sutton (Friend)

I am so sorry for your lost, i was glad i could be there for you,i love you all,especially you beans,we think of you all of yous all the time, we will never forget bobbo, if you need to talk or whatever we will be here for yous. 

i hope  / Mommy (mommy)  Read >>
i hope  / Mommy (mommy)
i know you are looking down and not liking the thing you are seeing bobbo me and bean boo and johnny will make everthing good for you you did samething wrong we know why you did it but know you are at at peace and can lay your head to rest baby i love with all my heart and will be home with you one day i know you will be at the gates with open arms i love you bobbo ps please my blue bird around Close
I am sorry to the whole family and friends  / Mary Adams (uncle billy's girlfriend )  Read >>
I am sorry to the whole family and friends  / Mary Adams (uncle billy's girlfriend )

I just wanted to say a few words...I never got to meet you and that i am so sorry for that..  From what i was told and have heard about you..You were a wonderful father,son,friend and so much more..Bobbo i am soo sooo sorry this happened to you..But one day i will get to meet you in sweet heaven..Your Uncle Billy loves you and misses you..To the family and friends i am soo soo sorry this happened to such a great guy...God Bless you all...And once again i am sorry..

my thoughts on bobbo  / Sabrina   Read >>
my thoughts on bobbo  / Sabrina
bobby heart body and soul will live on for ever though is friends and family and his children! for us that knew bobby well knew that he loved life and his family . as bobby grew he didnt have a bad life like was thought from someone who has posted earlier! bobby was happy and that showed when he was with melissa he was always smiling and happy there was never a picture taken where he wasnt smiling! bobby was just to young and imature for that mature of a relationship at that time.. then someone else walked in to the picture and got pregnat and bobby felt dedicated to her due to the fact that she was about to give him the most wonderful thing that she could have givin him and that would be ellie!! the day he saw her he fell in love and then he thought he had his family a woman who he thought loved him and 2 beatiful children who totally adored him even though jakeb wasnt his he didnt treat him no diffrent than he would have been! bobby had to be pushed to fight but when it came down to either something he really believed in or loved he would fight the world for it and thats what happened to my brother he died in the name of love he was goin to get his would possibly have been his wife someday back from another mans home and people say we should blame the man who pulled the trigger well i do to a point but we dont know what he was told about my brother! so i cant place all the blame on him! im just soo glad there are people out there who know the real bobby and know he wasnt that moster that he was made out to be! that he was a dear loving boy who just wanted a happy family! so now i dont not mourn my brother no more i rejoyce in the thought that  he will now be happy again and there are some many people where he is at that need somebody like him! my baby brother is now at peace and now its time to venge his death and deal with putting the person or persons who took him out of this world where they belong! fear not death we will all be together again someday rejoyce he doesnt suffer earthy pains any more."vengence is mine sayith the lord" this vengence will be very sweet!!!
 and we will see the childen again someday , somewhere, somehow! and they will know why there daddy had to die!! i love all of yall who feel the same as i and understand why i say what i do !!
                   sabrina Close
the blue bird  / Mommy (mommy)  Read >>
the blue bird  / Mommy (mommy)
bobbo i have had a blue bird around the house it came sat morning and it is still here it was on bean car today and it sits on the swing bobbo you can sit on the swing all you like i love you baby boy Close
a poem  / Lynsey Taylor (cousin)  Read >>
a poem  / Lynsey Taylor (cousin)
I Did Not Die

Do not stand at my grave and forever weep.
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and forever cry.
I am not there. I did not die.

here's a poem that reminded me of bobbo. he will forever love in heaven. Close
What can I say  / Kim Daehnke (friend of family )  Read >>
What can I say  / Kim Daehnke (friend of family )
to ease any of the suffering you are all going through. My heart and condolences go out to each and everyone of you. May God grant you peace in your memories of Bobbo and love that he shared with all of you.

Selma, John and family I can only offer my prayers that you can deal with this loss....... I love you all.   Kim Close
missing you  / Shorty (homie)  Read >>
missing you  / Shorty (homie)
bobbo your one of the best friends weve ever had,every time you ever talked about the relasonship mike and i have, you never relized the one you had, (just because u never saw us fight  dosent mean it dont happen)i miss you coming over just to bull shit for a little,i miss the cook outs, i miss the fishing trips, i miss just chillin' playing dominos or weed, i miss so much i cant begin to express.i do want you to know you were the only friend that we couldent live without i want to say so much but theres so few words to express the way we feel about you .we cant wait to hear from you.... 

                               xoxoxo                                                                                                               Close
LEAVE IT IN GOD'S HANDS...  / Connie Moore (Sabrina and know )  Read >>
LEAVE IT IN GOD'S HANDS...  / Connie Moore (Sabrina and know )
ella / Mommy (mommy)  Read >>
ella / Mommy (mommy)
bobbo she ie doing that know bully butt will know nana and papa you rest imommy will take care of it love you baby Close
the chimes  / Mommy (mommy)  Read >>
the chimes  / Mommy (mommy)
bobbo mommy put chimes out side at 310 am for you baby i love you Close
We miss you and love you  / Melissa Gierchak (Friend)  Read >>
We miss you and love you  / Melissa Gierchak (Friend)
Only 21 years you were here with us. You lived your life to the fullest. I hope there isn't anything that you didn't get to do that you wanted to. We will always love and miss you Bobbo. We will try to get people that don't konw you just to read how you've touched all of our lives. You made a difference in each and every one of our lives with your pressence. It is hard not to cry when I think about you being gone. But I know you are watching over everyone and hopeing for the best. Thank you for being such a great friend, I consider you my brother. In these past few days I have been able to talk to your sister Sabrina, she is just as wonderful as you are. I hope you're partying up there! make it a good one. Just remember no matter how many tears we shed, we are all thinking of the good times that we had with you. Nothing will ever make this seem right. Yes, I know it was your time. but why so soon? I won't have an answer to this question until I get to see you again. but I want you to know that you are missed by each and every person whom had the chance to meet you, even if it were just passing you on the street. You are a wonderful man, and I love you. Close
thank you every one  / Sabrina Flynn   Read >>
thank you every one  / Sabrina Flynn
i need to start by saying that words never start to show how much i appercate what every one has done for my family... aunt rhonda i thank you for all the help you gave me with the ribbons,pictures and the flyers. and for being so supportive and listenin to me crying... robbie there were plenty of calls you got and just listend to me cry and the tihings you said helped ease my pain i know you couldnt be here for me but ur daddy was and i know u were here in spirirt for me i know if you could have been here you would have been.. uncle johnny thank you for stepping up and helping with every thing you have done.. aunt marty thank you for the dinner at the vfw. matt i was worried about how evert one was doin and you were the only one who would stop me and hold me and make sure i was ok thank you for lettin me cry on you......!!!! all the people who sent cards and money and food..thank you ... and to all the friends and family that showed up for bobbos funeral tahnk you for your love and support. mr and mrs hogue( the owners of the house ) thank you so much for lettin our family and friends put stuff in you yard as memorial to bobby and also the angel is beatiful thank you for that aslo and again we are truely sorry so the upheavel in you life go on and enjoy you life and you baby good luck ! pastor dave thank you so much for a beatiful and true service.. mr sherman ( funeral director) thank you for every thing you done to make my brother look as natural as you could! to all the police who were there and we are sorry that you had to be there so long but again weTHANK every one of you for being there!! amanda,chrissi,amy thank you for reminding me about my nursing lisence and stopping me from doing any thing stupid... (U WERE RIGHT SHE ISNT WORTH IT) kimmy and aunt joann thank you for being there for my mamma she needed all the strenth she could get!! alvin thank you for coming as far as you did for my dad he need that it made him feel good to know people would come so far for him!!
thank you and we love all of you
and the rest of the flynn family Close
bobbo / Mommy (mommy)  Read >>
bobbo / Mommy (mommy)
bobbo it is 1125 fri 7 days sense i hear you tell me that you love and kiss me last time i was giving you a hug bobbo i know you said no crying but it is easier said then done i are love by all bobbo and we need to gry because we done love you so i love you mommy baby boy Close
it has been 7 day  / Mommy (mommy)  Read >>
it has been 7 day  / Mommy (mommy)
bobbo it has been 7 days it feels like a life time bobbo love would love to see you a hear you .if we could turn back the hands of time if is a big word bobbo mommy i know you hear me but i would love to hear you i love baby boy Close
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